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The reason most extra work is not agreed is lack of mechanical understanding and video helps overcome that

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ServiceCAM Features

Quick & Easy For Your Technicians To Use

Your technician enters their pin into the ServiceCAM app, selects the RO# and records their video, pausing as they move between different problem areas on the vehicle, before pressing Save and then Send.

Mobile First Branded Video Landing Pages

Each video is incorporated into a beautifully designed landing page for your business with a link received by the Service Advisor who then adds a quote, before sending to your customer via SMS and email.

Instant Acceptance

Your customer receives their service video landing page link to view their video and quote. They can then click to approve the work, or to call or chat about it, saving your Service Advisors time, while making the process more streamlined, transparent, and friendly for everyone!

Time Saving Notifications

Your Service Advisor is notified as soon as each RO# video is ready to share with the customer, immediately upon the customer approving your quote, and if they wish to chat using our integrated online chat service.

Sophisticated Dashboard

Your dashboard allows your Service Managers and Advisors to manage and oversee the progress of each Repair Order, and view valuable analytics.

ServiceCAM is the missing part in your workshop and will be
your most effective tool in generating a measurable increase in
red and amber work conversions

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