Increase Revenues
By Up To 15%

The reason most extra work is not agreed is lack of mechanical understanding and video helps overcome that

Rather than us telling you how good ServiceCAM is, check out why our customers rate it

Why your Service Centre needs ServiceCAM

No time to record videos? Think again!

Carrying out a VHC is time consuming and when you only sell the industry average of 32% of the recommendations, it is a significant waste of Technicians AND Service Advisors' time. ServiceCAM increases conversion rates by up to 200%, which makes your employees time more productive.


Mobile First To
Save You Time

ServiceCAM builds on your brand with professional looking landing pages which installs confidence in your customers. CTA buttons allows them to view and accept quotes or click to call / text so you can stop wasting time trying to call customers.


Instant Acceptance

Your customers don’t turn down the recommended work because they can’t afford it. They turn it down because they don’t trust the recommendations - or they don’t understand the issues. Video gets around those roadblocks so you get Instant Acceptances with a single click.

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Time Saving Notifications

Service Advisors are notified in real-time when a video is ready to approve and share with customers, when the customer last viewed the video, approves the quote, and when a chat session is started via the landing page. Website Image 4

Stop Wasting Time On Phone Calls

Calling customers to explain mechanical issues is really time consuming and often frustrating. ServiceCAM Chat via text is concise. Conversations are straight to the point because the customer has viewed their video and understands the recommended repairs.


All in a Single Dashboard

Every action at a location level is in a single dashboard - or for chains and franchises we have a business overview CMS across entire networks. Valuable analytics are available at both levels.


Shine in Local Search Results

Make your business the obvious choice above your competition by harnessing the great things your customers are saying about your business, then displaying them on your website. Customer reviews are the single most effective piece of marketing you can do for your company, and ServiceCAM makes the asking easy.

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Why Choose ServiceCAM

Multi Video Function

Record multiple service videos simultaneously with a single device.

Quicker & Higher ROI

Our pricing model delivers the best ROI in the industry for our customers.

Language Agnostic

SMS & email default messaging and customer landing page templates are fully editable.

Saved Quotes & Chats

Auto-saved so you can retrieve and refer back to them anytime.

Your Branding

Customisable branded landing pages with your logo and contact details.

You Ask, We Listen

The reason customers love ServiceCAM is because it is a product of their ideas.

Still not sure about ServiceCAM?

Ask your next 10 customers (or your friends) if seeing a video of recommended repairs would make them more confident to accept the repairs.

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